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Together a Nation Under God


Maria believes quality education is an important factor in creating a strong foundation for future generations across Virginia. All children deserve equal opportunities to excel and achieve their goals. It is our responsibility to create the environment at home and school conducive to student success. Maria believes that your tax money for education should follow students. School choice will allow parents to decide the best alternative for their children's education. Maria will advocate for higher salaries for our hard-working teachers. Teachers' salaries should be comparable to other government employees with the same level of education. Virginia needs to attract and retain high quality teachers ensuring they are respected and protected in the workplace. 

Maria will advocate to protect children's innocence by censoring all school teaching and library materials under an amplifier lens.  

Maria will introduce bills to bring God back to the Public School System, such as the display of the Biblical Ten Commandments outside of each school entrance; a moment of prayer. The pledge of allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and the singing of the American Anthem every morning before beginning classes.


Maria will advocate to stop irresponsible raising of taxes, in addition she will work to control and prioritize spending in order to keep Virginia one of the top states in the nation to live, work and raise a family. Maria will advocate for tax policies that foster innovation in business and doesn’t overburden hard working families. Maria will support bills to reduce property taxes.

The 7th Congressional District in Virginia is diverse
The 7th Congressional District in Virginia is diverse
The 7th Congressional District in Virginia is diverse



Small businesses are fundamental to a vibrant economy. Entrepreneurs, independent contractors, and small business owners contribute to the local economy by bringing both growth and innovation to the community. Local businesses give opportunities to achieve financial independence and provide employment opportunities. 

Our Environment and Natural Resources

"Change your mind, change your life." Is more than a slogan when we talk about our environment. Maria believes in the moral obligation of the people to be good stewards of God-given natural beauty and resources of our country. To preclude the devastating environmental changes in our district and state, we should encourage policies to protect our environment. With individual self restriction we will improve our environment and protect our natural habitat. We should ensure that environmental policies meet the needs of localities. For that we must adopt new consumption behavior lifestyle. Maria will support policies that allocate funds to research and develop renewable sources and implement research to prevent irreversible environmental damages.  Economic prosperity and environmental protection must advance together.   



Maria is the spouse of a veteran, her oldest daughter attended the Marine Corps Officer Candidate School and her son presently serves as an Army officer. Maria has seen and experienced the many sacrifices service men, women and their families make while serving our nation. Virginia is the home for many veterans who have proudly served our country. Maria will make sure veteran designated funding is used towards programs that help all veterans to succeed in their new civilian roles. Treating our veterans with dignity, respect and responsibility will reduce or/and eliminate the risk of becoming homeless while reducing and/or preventing suicide. Maria will be an advocate for veterans.

Human Life

Maria believes that we should all pursue happiness through the fulfillment of our desires whether at a personal or professional level, respecting the rights of others, being aware that when your rights end when my rights begin and viceversa. She believes that over the years... with the intention to please everyone... the Rule of Law's purpose, to protect the civil rights of the people, "has been stretched" to the point that it has lost its purpose leaving some without a voice, even the most vulnerable. Maria is not only pro-life. She is pro-abundant-life. She believes in the scripture that says “My people perish because of a lack of knowledge." (Hosea 4:6)

March for Life in Washington DC
Health Care

Healthcare cost is a major problem for Virginia's families. Virginia needs to support, create and establish programs that incentivize wellness by disease prevention. Virginia needs to be a leader in the nation promoting medical innovation development, and research. We need a patient friendly healthcare system that works for Virginia's families, from the young to the old, protecting their vulnerability and dignity.


Mental health has increased tremendously since 2020 due to the pandemic.  Maria will work with other lawmakers to find solutions to this crisis. Maria will advocate for policies that support the disabled and work with existing organizations dedicated to help the disable. Another detrimental aspect  of the health of our nation is illegal substances  entering our nation. Maria will advocate for policies to reduce and eliminate the use of ilegal drugs. One more outrageous crime in the United States is human trafficking.  

Foreign Relations
The people of Virginia are from all backgrounds
Promotion of the Arts, Inventions, and Research


​As an artist and a writer Maria wants to promote art in all the mediums, including the use technology in our district. She believes there is so much talent among our residents to explore. This is one of the factors that will bring us together because art has a language of its own.

Meeting with the Asian community
Maria Martin is an artist, Maria wants to develop
The people of Virginia are from all backgrounds

Maria thinks that countries that are not providing safety, jobs, education and other sustainable opportunities for their people, should be held  accountable for the emigration of their people in conditions that threatens their lives. 

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