MEET MARIA Together​

She believes that running for delegate is a great opportunity to serve her community while advocating for things that bring us together and matter to all. Maria wants to bring new ap​proaches to her diverse 52nd District.

While her husband served in the Navy they were stationed in Italy, there Maria learned to paint, using oil on canvas. As an artist, she has held art exhibits in various places, including the Bolivian Embassy. You can see her art here:

Maria is a published author. In 2007 she completed her first book, “Eternal Life”, which is published in both English and Spanish, “Vida Eterna”. Maria and her youngest daughter, Carolena are co-editing a children’s book. Maria M​artin is running for the Virginia House of Delegates to serve the country she loves which has been her home for the last 28 years.  American citizen since 1997. 

Maria first came to the United States as a student. While living in Maryland she attended a community college, where she studied English and a variety of business classes. Maria returned to Bolivia; and then, seven years later, was offered sponsorship to the United States, and this time found herself in San Diego, California. In San Diego she met her husband, a career Navy man while attending church. Maria is grateful of being a wife and the mother of three children. Her oldest is a Biology teacher, her son is a Civil Engineer and her youngest daughter is a writer and film director.

Education is important to Maria. In 2012 she obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Resources Management from Park University. She also obtained endorsements to teach Spanish and English as a Second Language from the University of Phoenix. As a resident of Prince William County for the last 27 years, Maria has worked in the Prince William County School System.

Maria has volunteered at the National Marine Corps Museum (NMCM). She has also volunteered to serve on a mobile team to help during the devastating hurricane Harvey storm in Houston Texas. Maria also dedicate her time to other efforts she believes are important.

Maria has been an active member of Move Church since 2000. That has given her the opportunity to serve in the Pastoral Team as a counselor, an interpreter, an altar minister,  an ambassador in the welcoming center, and as a worker and member in the building program. Since 2019 she has been attending Grace Church in Fredericksburg, Virginia. 


I believe that we should all pursue happiness through the fulfillment of our desires whether at a personal of professional level, respecting the rights of others. I believe that over the years with the intention to please everyone, the rule of laws' purpose, to protect the civil rights of the people has been stretched to the point that it has lost its balance leaving some without voice.